How do I remove the strap or bracelet of my watch?

At Octon we believe in customising your watch to your own unique style and changing the strap/bracelet to suit the occasion. We have chosen to have lug holes on our watches (the small holes on the sides of the case) which is a tribute to vintage watch styling but also a very effective solution to enable easy strap changes.

As shown in the picture on the left below, simply push the spring bar removal tool in to the lug hole and use inward pressure to release the spring bar and remove the strap. If removing the stainless steel bracelet, it can be useful to use another spring bar removal tool (or tooth pick) to apply equal inward pressure on the opposite lug hole in order to more easily release the spring bar and remove the stainless steel bracelet (as shown in the picture on the right below).

How do I resize the watch bracelet?

Step 1 – Removing Link Pins

It can be easier to remove pins whilst the bracelet is separated from the clasp, you can do this by using the spring bar removal tool to compress the spring bar and lever it out of the micro adjustment section of the clasp (as shown in the picture on the left above). This micro adjustment feature can be used later to get a more exact fit after you have removed some links.

After this use the spring bar removal tool (as shown in the middle picture above) to hammer out the pin that secures a link close to the clasp end of the bracelet, making sure to follow the direction of the printed arrows on the underside of the metal link (having the bracelet over a table edge can help so that there is space on the underside for the pin to slide out). If you ordered the pin pusher tool this can be done as shown in the picture on the right above.

You should be able to push the pin 2 to 3mm and then pull it out from the other side using a pair of pliers or by hand. Keep the pin somewhere safe as you will need it to put the bracelet back together again.


Step 2 – Sizing the Bracelet

It is common that you have to remove two links on either end of the bracelet, but this has to be checked against the size of your wrist. Try to get a rough idea of how many links to remove before beginning the resizing process by pinching links to make the full size bracelet appear smaller whilst on your wrist.

After you have removed some links on one side of the bracelet you must then put the now smaller bracelet back together.

The bracelet should now look like the picture on the left above, and you must first line up the links, and then re insert the link pin in the reverse of how it came out. So it should go back in the opposite direction to the arrow, and it is important the split end of the pin is left facing outwards (and not pushed inside the link). It should then look like the picture on the right above and it can be easier to push the pin all the way back in using a small flat piece of hard wood or plastic (the pin should be pushed in until it is flush with the bracelet edge).

If you need to remove some links on the other side of the bracelet, please repeat the process above. After this reconnect the clasp, by putting the spring bar pin back in (the reverse of the process you used to remove it).

Your Octon watch should now fit, but if it is much too big or small, simply remove or add links following the process above. If the bracelet is just a little loose or tight, the micro adjustment feature on the clasp can be used to move the spring bar forward or back some holes in order to get the perfect fit.

Remember to keep any extra links and spare pins safe, in case the bracelet needs to be resized again in the future. If you have any problems or require extra/replacement links or pins please get in touch using

What are the specifications and features of an Octon watch?

At Octon, we pride ourselves on offering a choice of mechanical movements, meaning our watches are fully automatic, battery free and powered through the kinetic energy of their owner.

All Octon watches have highly scratch resistant domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating that ensures you can easily see the time, combined with Swiss Super-LumiNova®, 316L surgical grade stainless steel and a depth rating of 300 metres, they are built to stand up to all your adventures.

Strap — Stainless Steel Bracelet (316L surgical grade) comes as standard with every Octon watch, as well as an additional strap either chosen by you or one of our designers

Case — Stainless Steel (316L surgical grade) 40mm diameter, 22mm lug width & 12mm height

Bezel — 120 click unidirectional steel bezel in choice of colours and configurations

Dial — choice of dial colours either with White or Black Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 lume (please note black lume glows less brightly due to colour)

Movement — choice of three different movements

NH35a — fully automatic 41 hour reserve, 6 beats per second (21600 bph) made in Japan

Miyota 9015 — fully automatic 42 hour reserve, 8 beats per second (28800 bph) made in Japan

ETA 2824-2 — fully automatic 38 hour reserve, 8 beats per second (28800 bph) made in Switzerland (available as pre order only; click here for details)

Box — all Octon watches are supplied as standard with stainless steel bracelet as well as free additional strap, packed safely in a waterproof and crushproof case

What is the warranty on an Octon watch?

Every Octon watch has a two year international warranty effective from the date of purchase (as stated on the warranty card supplied with the watch). The warranty covers manufacturing and materials defects, but does not cover:

  • Damage occurring as a result of normal wear and tear, misuse or accidents
  • Water infiltration due to failure to secure screw down crown properly or use at depths in excess of the stated water resistance ratings
  • Unauthorised repair or modification work

Will all the items I order be shipped to me directly?

All in stock orders will be shipped to you directly. Also if you are outside of Europe, please be aware you may be charged import taxes by your countries customs department; please check this if you are unsure.

How does it work with pre-ordered watches?

If the watch is one of our special release pre-order models, this will be clearly stated along with estimated shipping dates. Payment is made when order is placed, and watch will be shipped as soon as production is complete. You will be kept updated during the production process and these watches are often produced in limited numbers and are only available as a pre-order. However, should you change your mind during the production process you can request a refund at any point. And as with all Octon watches, we have an easy 30-day return policy.

How does it work with easy 30 day returns?

If for any reason you are not happy with your Octon purchase, please contact us via and let us know within 30 days. We will provide you with prepaid UPS return shipping labels, and UPS will then collect from your chosen address, or you can drop the package at your nearest UPS Access Point. All we ask is that products are in unworn condition, with all wrapping as they were received, and are packaged securely for return transit.