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How do I resize the watch bracelet?

Step 1 – Removing Link Pins

It can be easier to remove pins whilst the bracelet is separated from the clasp, you can do this by using the spring bar removal tool to compress the spring bar and lever it out of the micro adjustment section of the clasp (as shown in the picture on the left above). This micro adjustment feature can be used later to get a more exact fit after you have removed some links.

After this use the spring bar removal tool (as shown in the middle picture above) to hammer out the pin that secures a link close to the clasp end of the bracelet, making sure to follow the direction of the printed arrows on the underside of the metal link (having the bracelet over a table edge can help so that there is space on the underside for the pin to slide out). If you ordered the pin pusher tool this can be done as shown in the picture on the right above.

You should be able to push the pin 2 to 3mm and then pull it out from the other side using a pair of pliers or by hand. Keep the pin somewhere safe as you will need it to put the bracelet back together again.


Step 2 – Sizing the Bracelet

It is common that you have to remove two links on either end of the bracelet, but this has to be checked against the size of your wrist. Try to get a rough idea of how many links to remove before beginning the resizing process by pinching links to make the full size bracelet appear smaller whilst on your wrist.

After you have removed some links on one side of the bracelet you must then put the now smaller bracelet back together.

The bracelet should now look like the picture on the left above, and you must first line up the links, and then re insert the link pin in the reverse of how it came out. So it should go back in the opposite direction to the arrow, and it is important the split end of the pin is left facing outwards (and not pushed inside the link). It should then look like the picture on the right above and it can be easier to push the pin all the way back in using a small flat piece of hard wood or plastic (the pin should be pushed in until it is flush with the bracelet edge).

If you need to remove some links on the other side of the bracelet, please repeat the process above. After this reconnect the clasp, by putting the spring bar pin back in (the reverse of the process you used to remove it).

Your Octon watch should now fit, but if it is much too big or small, simply remove or add links following the process above. If the bracelet is just a little loose or tight, the micro adjustment feature on the clasp can be used to move the spring bar forward or back some holes in order to get the perfect fit.

Remember to keep any extra links and spare pins safe, in case the bracelet needs to be resized again in the future. If you have any problems or require extra/replacement links or pins please get in touch using info@octonwatches.com